Single Electric Breast Pumps
Is It The Right Breast Pump For You?

Single Electric Breast Pump – Is It The Right Breast Pump For You

Is a Single Electric Breast Pump right for you?

Single Electric Breast Pumps are designed for occasional to moderate use. They are more time-consuming than a double electric breast pump and not as powerful, but they’re less work than a manual breast pump, and they are the middle ground. If you’re a mom planning to return to work part-time or need to leave Baby with Daddy a few times a week for that much-needed stress-reducing work-out, then a single electric breast pump should be more than enough.


A single electric breast pump is NOT recommended for those trying to establish their milk supply or even struggling with a low milk supply. Lactation specialists recommend using a double electric breast pump or hospital-grade breast pump if milk supply is an issue. Also, if you are returning to work full-time, a single electric breast pump may not be enough. These are things to keep in mind; of course, every woman is different, and some may do just fine with a single, while others may notice a drop in their milk supply.


What comes with it?

Most single electric breast pumps come with an AC adapter that plugs into any standard outlet, and most are battery operated as well. They are typically lightweight and therefore portable. Some single electric breast pumps even come with handy carry-all bags or totes that allow you to carry your breast pump discreetly. They are great for traveling. Much like a manual breast pump, they take up little room. Some single electric breast pumps even offer vehicle lighter adapters with different voltages for traveling.


Keep in mind, depending on the power source. Some breast pumps may not run at full power; therefore, the higher the voltage, the better. Most single electric breast pumps come with one standard 24 mm breast shield, at least one bottle and cap, sometimes more, extra parts, and spare parts for replacements. Some even come with different-sized nipples that allow you to directly feed your little one from the same collection bottle.

How do they work?

Most single electric breast pumps offer dual speed and vacuum adjust-ability; in other words, one knob that adjusts both simultaneously. The faster the speed, the stronger the vacuum. Some higher-end single electric breast pumps offer different simulation phases to mimic a baby’s natural sucking rhythm. These types of breast pumps allow for a quicker let-down response. It will typically take about 15 minutes to pump one breast. Therefore one pumping session may last as long as 30 minutes, sometimes longer.


Keep in mind, single electric breast pumps are intended for occasional to moderate use, from 1 to 2 times a day, and if you overuse it, the motor could give out. They are not intended for frequent use; the motors aren’t strong enough, that’s when a double electric or hospital-grade breast pump may be best.


Single electric breast pumps are much more efficient than manual breast pumps, but they cost more, anywhere between $50 and 150 dollars. If you don’t want to use a manual breast pump and feel that a double electric breast pump is overkill, then a single electric breast pump may be just right for you.


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