Lansinoh Breast Pump Review – The Affinity Double Electric

The Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump Review

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Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump

Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump @ Amazon

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Product Description:

The Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump is designed to be comfortable, efficient, and easy to use. It’s also extremely affordable, at half the price the Lansinoh Breast Pump gives its competition a run for their money. Offering Custom Expression Technology and one-touch let down, you can express milk comfortably and at your own pace. The Lansinoh Breast Pump offers two expression modes, stimulation or let-down, and expression. In the stimulation mode the sucking motion is faster, intended to produce let-down, after 2 minutes the Lansinoh switches to expression mode, a slower, longer suction that expresses milk more efficiently. You can adjust the cycle and suction settings to fit your comfort level, as well as switch back to the let-down mode to elicit another let-down. The Lansinoh Breast Pump also offers ComfortFit breast flanges which make Mom’s pumping experience much more comfortable. The breast flange itself is lined with a special rubber designed to offer the best comfort, as well as the best suction seal. Also, the Lansinoh Breast Pump is extremely easy to clean, guaranteed to prevent milk backup in the tubing or pump, offers built-in bottle holders to help prevent spills, is battery operational (requires 6 AA batteries, not included), and comes with an AC adapter. The Lansinoh Breast Pump is designed for long term everyday use at home, or at work. Did I mention that it was affordable?

Features Include:

  • Custom Expression Technology – 2 modes, stimulation (let-down), and expression
  • One touch let-down button – automatically switches to expression after 2 minutes, but you can also manually switch at any time
  • ComfortFit breast Flanges offer a soft and secure fit
  • Adjustable cycle and suction – 8 suction settings and 6 cycle settings – one button
  • Easy to use and extremely easy to clean
  • Guaranteed to prevent milk backup in the tubing, or in the pump motor
  • Built-in bottle holders are designed to help prevent spills
  • 2 bottle lids and 2 extra white valves for replacement.
  • AC adapter or battery operational (6 AA batteries, not included)
  • Vacuum level: 50 – 250 mmHG in 1 second
  • BPA Free

My Review:

As far as reviews go, the Lansinoh Breast Pump did really well, with 107 out of 123 reviewers rating it 4 to 5 stars, with 5 being the max. In other words, 87% of the reviewers were extremely pleased with their purchase. Most loved it, stating that it was the best pump for the best price. Several working Mom’s who have used it every day, for several months, where ecstatic about it, stating that it was efficient and economical. There was some confusion about which pump was being reviewed. A lot of the older reviews were for the original Lansinoh Double Breast Pump, but I wanted reviews on the Lansinoh Affinity Double Breast Pump. Both double breast pumps are pretty similar, with a few differences. For one, the original did not have BPA Free parts, plus it was weaker. The Lansinoh Affinity Breast Pump offers a vacuum range of 50-250mmHG in 1 second, which is actually the same as the Medela Pump In Style. The older Lansinoh Double Breast Pump ranged from 100-220mmHG, so it didn’t have near the range that the Affinity now offers. Lansinoh does offer a newer double breast pump that’s not the affinity, and it has BPA free parts, but it doesn’t offer all of the custom settings that the Affinity now offers.

As for negative feedback, the Lansinoh Breast Pump did have a few complaints, with the most common being that it’s loud. It actually beeps consistently throughout pumping, making it less then discreet. Also, some of the parts are really small and easy to lose. However, the Lansinoh Breast Pump does come with a few extra parts for replacements. Some complained that it was not enough suction, while others complained it had too much. That just goes to show, it’s all about personal comfort. A couple reviewers also stated that it would be nice if it came with a tote or shoulder bag of some sort for carrying convenience.

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The Good

  • Extremely affordable!
  • Offers the same vacuum strength range (50-250mmHG in 1 sec) as the Medela Pump In Style
  • Designed for occasional use or every day continuous use
  • Offers 2 phase expression technology & one touch let-down button
  • Includes ComfortFit breast flanges for a soft and secure fit
  • Has 8 suction settings & 6 cycle settings to choose from
  • Offers built-in bottle holders to prevent bottle spilling
  • Guaranteed to prevent milk back-up in tubes or motor
  • Comes with AC adapter

The Bad

  • Loud – beeps continuously
  • Does not come with a tote bag for carrying convenience
  • Small parts are easy to lose

Customer Feedback:

Better than expected, July 22, 2009

By Andrea C,

I was using a hospital grade electric pump prior to purchasing the Lansinoh Breast Pump, and was pleasantly surprised with this pump. I didn’t want to spend the money on the medela since I wasn’t sure about my milk production, but thought I needed a breast pump anyway. Bought the Lansinoh Breast Pump and glad that I did. The pluses about this pump are, it is small so you can just put it easily into a bag for work or travel, easy to use, has adjustable settings, comes with extra valves, and I can pump about 6 ounces in about 10 minutes. The drawbacks are the beeping noise, small parts like the valve that can easily be dropped in the drain, and that sometimes I have to double check the placement of the parts (valve and caps) to get the equal suction strength from both pumps. Would recommend this pump especially if cost in an issue.

This review is from: Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump – See Original

Worth the money, September 3, 2011

By K. Avery “Astoria Tech”,

I love my Lansinoh Breast Pump. I bought this after researching other ones and looking at other people’s reviews as well as pricing, and this is a great middle expense breast pump. I knew I needed an electric pump because I didn’t want to worry about the time to actually manually pump. I also knew I wanted a double because I wanted it to be as efficient as could be and if I’m gonna take the time to sit down or be mobile, I don’t want to have to switch over to the other side and do it for twice as long. Extra parts are easily obtainable, there was a limited warranty, it’s easy to clean and it takes 6 AA batteries (not included) to make you more mobile. I did find that I went through the batteries very quickly. So I just had to change my routine a little and that’s not a problem anymore.

The settings are really easy to use, and I can adjust them for my comfort. The bottles also come with tops so you can store your milk right away or you can throw a nipple on it and use it to bottle feed. You can also order different sized bottles to fit the machine.

This review is from: Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump – See Original

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