Hospital Breast Pump – Is It Right For You?

Medela Symphony Plus Hospital Breast Pump

Medela Symphony Plus Hospital Breast Pump @ Amazon

The Hospital Breast Pump is intended for mothers who need to pump constantly, whether it’s because Baby is unable to nurse, or because they’re trying to establish and/or build their milk supply. The Hospital Breast Pump is designed for constant every day use. They’re built with extremely powerful motors, capable of cycling up to 120 CPMs in stimulation mode, anywhere between 50 and 70 CPMs in expression mode, and have a vacuum strength range of 50 – 250 mmHg.

The Hospital Breast Pump is not very portable. It’s heavy and bulky, and most do not offer a battery pack option, however, there are a few models, like the Medela Symphony Plus Hospital Breast Pump, that does come with a rechargeable battery.

What Does a Hospital Breast Pump Offer?Ameda Elite Hospital Breast Pump

Ameda Elite Hospital Breast Pump @ Amazon

Most hospital breast pumps offer both speed and vacuum adjust-ability on separate dials, as well as multiple phases of stimulation, a let-down option, and a memory option that will retain settings. The hospital breast pump has been proven to produce a faster let-down, therefore allowing you to pump more milk in less time. These breast pumps have also been proven to completely empty ones breasts, therefore helping a mother establish and/or build their milk supply successfully.

The Hospital Breast Pump is the only breast pump designed for multi-users. In other words, each user must purchase their own personal pump kit which includes all of the tubing, breast shields, and collection containers. The multi-user feature is what makes the hospital breast pump such a popular rental. To buy one outright could cost over $1000.00, to rent one from your local Hospital will cost you anywhere from $1 – $3 dollars a day, or $30 to $90 dollars a month.

Medela Symphony Hospital Breast Pump Double Pumping Kit

Medela Symphony Hospital Breast Pump – Double Pumping Kit @ Amazon

If you plan on pumping constantly for over 11 months, you may be better off purchasing your own hospital breast pump. If you plan on having more than one child, you may want to buy instead of rent. In some cases, mothers who choose to rent a hospital breast pump eventually find that they can’t live without it, or realize that the money they’ve spent renting could have purchased them one. Also, mothers of premature baby’s or baby’s with a condition that makes nursing difficult may find that their insurance company will cover the cost of a hospital breast pump with a doctor’s prescription.

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