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Best Hospital Breast Pumps For Personal Home Use

The below list consists of the TOP 3 best hospital breast pumps available on the market for personal home use. If you’ve rented a hospital breast pump previously, chances are it’s one of the bottom three. They are the most … Continue reading

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Best Single Breast Pumps – Best Features, Highest Ratings

The Single Breast Pump is considered the middle ground when it comes to breast pumping. It takes less work then a manual breast pump, but it’s more time consuming then a double electric breast pump. The Single Breast Pump is … Continue reading

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Breast Shields – Choosing The Right Sized Breast Shields

When it comes to breast pumping and finding the right breast pump, one of the most important aspects is often times overlooked. Of course the breast pump should be powerful, with plenty of CPM’s, and yes it should be easy … Continue reading

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Breast Milk Supply – Establishing Your Milk Supply

Establishing Your Breast Milk Supply When do I start breastfeeding or pumping? It is important to begin breastfeeding immediately after birth in order to give your breast milk supply a good start. The first window of opportunity is within the … Continue reading

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Breast Pumping – How Does A Breast Pump Work?

Breast pumping is an art, one that takes practice and a lot of patience. Not all breast pumps function exactly the same way, but understanding how a breast pump works will help you create a successful breast pumping experience. Breast … Continue reading

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Breast Milk Supply – Low Milk Supply or Low Milk Output?

My milk output is low, does that mean my breast milk supply is low? There are a number of concerns that go through a breastfeeding mothers mind, the most common being whether or not their breast milk supply is adequate. … Continue reading

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Hospital Breast Pump – Is It Right For You?

The Hospital Breast Pump is intended for mothers who need to pump constantly, whether it’s because Baby is unable to nurse, or because they’re trying to establish and/or build their milk supply. The Hospital Breast Pump is designed for constant … Continue reading

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Double Electric Breast Pump – Is a Double Breast Pump Right For You?

The Double Electric Breast Pump is designed to be efficient. In other words, they enable you to pump more milk in less time. A double electric breast pump offers you a powerful motor, which in turn provides you with more … Continue reading

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Single Electric Breast Pump – Is It The Right Breast Pump For You?

Is a Single Electric Breast Pump right for you? Single Electric Breast Pumps are designed for occasional to moderate use. They are more time consuming than a double electric breast pump and not as powerful, but they’re less work than … Continue reading

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Manual Breast Pump – Will It Be Enough For You?

Is a Manual Breast Pump painful? Manual Breast Pumps are often referred to as torture devices, but the truth is, not all of them cause discomfort. In fact, many women prefer to use a manual breast pump over an electric … Continue reading

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