Best Single Breast Pumps – Best Features, Highest Ratings

Single Electric Breast Pumps - Mom and BabyThe Single Breast Pump is considered the middle ground when it comes to breast pumping. It takes less work then a manual breast pump, but it’s more time consuming then a double electric breast pump.

The Single Breast Pump is intended for those that need to pump moderately, that’s about 1 to 4 times a day. I would not recommend using a single breast pump if you are trying to establish your milk supply, or if you’re struggling with a low milk supply. A Hospital Breast Pump or Double Breast Pump would be best for that.

If your milk supply has already been established, and you just need to maintain it while having moderate, short-term separations from your little one, then a single breast pump may be perfect.

Below I’ve listed the TOP 2 BEST Single Breast Pumps on the market. One of which I used through most of my daughters infancy. They offer the best features, have the highest ratings when it comes to customer feedback, and they’re both frequently on sale at Amazon.


#1 Medela Swing Single Breast Pump

Customer Satisfaction : 152/200 – 76%

Medela Swing Single Breast Pump

Description: The Medela Swing Single Breast Pump is lightweight and easy to use. It comes with an AC adapter and can be operated using 4 AA batteries. The pump motor is small and conveniently clips onto your belt or pocket, making it easy to use on the go.

This single breast pump comes with a neck/shoulder strap that’s supposed to make it hands free, but I never had any luck with it. Instead I used an old sports bra, cut a hole big enough to fit the breast shield through, and had a homemade hands-free pumping bra. Of course, you could always buy one of those hands-free pumping bra’s by Medela, if you really wanted to. Sorry, I’m getting off subject….

The Medela Swing Single Breast Pump offers Medela’s signature 2 phase expression technology, which is designed to mimic a baby’s natural sucking rhythm. The first phase is the stimulation phase, made up of a short, quick sucking motion that stimulates your breasts and allows let-down to occur. The 2nd phase is the expression phase, which is a slower, longer sucking motion designed to express milk more efficiently.

This single breast pump also offers a let-down button that allows you to switch back and forth between the two expression phases if you need to, like if you have more than one let-down during a pumping session. Also, you have (+) and (-) buttons that control the vacuum speed and strength, allowing you to find your comfort level with the push of a button.

The Medela Swing Single Breast Pump offers one 24 mm SoftFit breast shield. The nice thing about Medela is that if the breast shield doesn’t fit properly, you have the option of purchasing different sizes. I believe they offer 5 different sizes of PersonalFit breast shields, ranging from Small to XX Large. For more information, check out the Medela Swing Review.

Where to Buy – At Amazon for $149.99


#2 Philips AVENT Single Breast Pump

Customer Satisfaction: 23/31 – 74%

Philips AVENT Single Breast Pump

Description: The Philips AVENT Single Breast Pump is what I like to call the “cruise control” breast pump. The reason for this is that you have to start out manually, just like you’re using a manual breast pump, and when you find the perfect rhythm all you have to do is touch the button on the handle and it continues pumping at the same speed. This allows you unlimited combinations of speed and suction, giving you more options for comfort. They call it an electronic memory and one-touch memory control, which probably sounds better then ” the cruise control button”.

This single breast pump also offers a 5 petal cushion massage breast shield, with petals that actually flex in and out as you pump, massaging the breast and providing additional stimulation. There are minimal parts for clean up and assembly, and it comes with a rechargeable battery pack. Plus, this single breast pump also comes the manual pump parts, so you can take the motor off and use it as a manual pump if you want to. For more information, check out the Philips AVENT Singe Breast Pump Review.

Where to Buy – At Amazon for $91.54


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