AVENT Single Breast Pump Review & Video Demo

The AVENT Single Breast Pump Review

Overall Rating: AVENT Single Breast Pump star rating- 4 stars

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AVENT Single Breast Pump

AVENT Single Breast Pump

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The AVENT Single Breast Pump is specifically designed to express milk efficiently and comfortably. This single electric breast pump offers you the ability to customize your speed, vacuum, and rhythm settings to your personal liking. Plus it also comes equipped with an electronic memory that will recall your custom settings with the touch of a button.

The AVENT Single Breast Pump offers a 5 petal cushion massage breast shield that flexes in and out, working together to mimic your baby’s natural sucking action, triggering a natural let down, and producing a steady flow of milk.

The AVENT Single Breast Pump is easy to use, letting you pump, store, and feed with the same container. It’s also perfect for traveling. This single electric breast pump comes with a travel pack, works with any standard 100 to 240-volt outlet, and also comes equipped with a battery pack for pumping on the go.

AVENT Single Breast Pump Features:

Avent Single Breast Pump - One button control and 5-petal cushion massage shield

One button control & 5-petal cushion massage shield

  • Speed control
  • Vacuum control
  • Rhythm settings
  • 5 petal cushion breast shield
  • Electronic memory – remembers your custom setting
  • One-touch memory control – recalls your custom setting
  • Easy to assemble – all parts are BPA free
  • Plugs in to any standard 100 to 240-volt outlet
  • Nipple travel pack
  • One bottle stand/funnel cover
  • 4-ounce container
  • Newborn flow nipple
  • Manual pump parts – can also be used manually
  • Spare part
  • Battery pack for on the go pumping
  • Instructional guide

Video Demonstration:

**This Video Demo introduces you to the entire line of AVENT Breast Pumps, including the manual, single electric, and the twin electric. The video refers to the line as the ISIS Manual, ISIS iQ Uno, and the ISIS iQ Duo, which are the older models, but they assemble and work the same as the newer models that I have reviewed. Enjoy!**

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My Review:

AVENT Single Breast Pump - Breastpumping with AVENTAs far as reviews go, most seemed to love their AVENT Single Breast Pump, stating that it was a great pump for a great price. Most loved the customizable controls and the electronic memory that recalls your settings. A couple reviewers even claimed that the AVENT Single Breast Pump was more comfortable and efficient than the hospital grade pumps.

As for negative feedback, the number one complaint was regarding the AVENT Single Breast Pump cushion breast shield. Although it is extremely comfortable, if it’s not sealed properly, milk gets trapped behind the petals. Another reviewer claimed that it just didn’t have enough suction, and that the battery pack had such a short life span, it was pretty much useless. Keep in mind everybody is different, that’s why the AVENT Single Breast Pump offers unlimited combinations of customizable comfort. Also, it comes with an instruction manual, I suggest reading the instructions thoroughly before assembling and using. One reviewer stated that she was disappointed at first, but then she read the instructions and realized she was assembling it wrong, now she’s extremely happy with her AVENT Single Breast Pump. See for yourself what other reviewers had to say in the Customer Feedback section below.

The Good
  • 5 petal cushion breast shield is extremely comfortable
  • Offers speed, vacuum, and rhythm controls giving you unlimited combinations to choose from
  • Electronic memory – stores your settings
  • One-touch memory control – recalls your stored settings
  • Comes with manual pump parts for manual control
  • Comes with battery pack for on-the-go use
The Bad
  • 5 petal cushion leaks if not properly sealed
  • Battery pack has a short life span
  • The pump only fits AVENT bottles

Customer Feedback:

LOVE IT!, March 18, 2011

By The Doves(USA)

Love love love the AVENT Single Breast Pump! I started with the manual breast pump, just in case I didn’t have any milk I didn’t want a huge investment. My milk was starting to slack off when I got the AVENT Single Breast Pump and now its doubled. Its sooo much easier and more comfortable. The rubber insert makes it a lot gentler. I love the fact that you can set your own pace. It also comes with a battery pack so you can take it along with you.

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Amazing!, July 31, 2011

By Patrick Rittenauer(Aventura, FL)

I am writing from my husband’s account, but want to share how amazing the AVENT Single Breast Pump is! I love it and can’t live without it. Pumping saved me really, since after those first 3 days of having my baby my breasts were killing me and I almost gave up breastfeeding! But I decided to give pumping a shot, and it hurt a bit at first since my breasts were so swollen and sensitive- but after a few tries I got so used to this pump and even decided to buy a second one to maximize my pumping time!

Also I’d like to add that if you do buy the AVENT Single Breast Pump, buy all Avent products since it makes it so much easier to transfer from pump to bottle, to plastic Avent recipients to any other Avent product! They are all amazing and I am searching Amazon now for any other Avent product I do not have yet…

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