AVENT Manual Breast Pump Review – Does It Work?

Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump (On-The-Go) Review

Overall Rating: Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump star rating - 4 Stars

Where to Buy: At Amazon – $37.29 (38% OFF)

Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump, On-The-Go

Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump, On-The-Go

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The Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump, On-The-Go is the newer model of the AVENT ISIS, offering a convenient on-the-go microfiber travel bag. Also included is an extra 4 ounce bottle, and an extra-soft newborn flow nipple, as well as a spare part, and two cool packs. The Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump is designed for the on-the-go Mom, offering a comfortable and efficient way to express breast milk for your little one.

The AVENT Manual Breast Pump’s soft breast shield has 5 cushion petals that flex in and out, gently massaging your breast, and mimicking a baby’s natural sucking motion, triggering let-down. Because this pump is a manual, you decide how fast you want to go, therefore you can match your rhythm to that of your baby’s natural rhythm, providing more efficiency, and a better milk flow.

This breast pump is quiet and easy to use. It offers a comfortable handle with easy grip, and it’s a breeze to assemble. You can use it anywhere, at anytime. The on-the-go travel bag and cool packs will allow you to keep your expressed milk cool for hours. With the AVENT Manual Breast Pump you can pump, store, and feed all with the same container, that way you won’t need to transfer the milk and take the chance of losing a single drop.

AVENT Manual Breast Pump Features:

Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump

Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump (Just the pump) @ Amazon

  • Soft breast shield with 5 petal massaging cushions
  • Comfortable, easy-grip handle
  • Manual pump lets you match your baby’s natural rhythm
  • 1 bottle stand/funnel cover
  • 2 four-ounce containers with 1 sealing disc
  • Dome cap
  • Newborn flow nipple
  • On-the-go microfiber insulated travel bag
  • Smaller bag for storing breast milk
  • Two cool packs
  • Spare part
  • Instructional Guide

AVENT Manual Breast Pump Reviews:

As far as reviews go, the Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump did pretty well. Most of the reviewers, 22 out of 30, were extremely satisfied, however, the other 8 reviewers were not so satisfied.

A few complained that the suction was not good enough, or that it lost suction after continued use. Another reviewer complained that the AVENT Manual Breast Pump squeaked when she used it, therefore making it impossible to use discreetly. One reviewer claimed the same squeaky problem, however she also found that if you add a dab of Vaseline right where it’s squeaking, it solves the problem. The number one complaint that I found was that the AVENT Manual Breast Pump container leaked once detached from the pump. A few of the reviewers even found a way to jerry rig it so that it won’t leak.

Other than that, most of the reviewers were extremely pleased, even pleasantly surprised by the amount of suction, and the ease of use. Many stated that the Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump was not only the best manual breast pump they’ve ever used, but that it was the only breast pump that they will ever use, electric pumps included.

In conclusion, the On-The-Go AVENT Manual Breast Pump is affordable, easy to use, convenient, comfortable, and efficient. To see what some of the reviewers had to say, check out the customer feedback below.

The Good
  • Affordable Price
  • 5 petal cushion breast shield is extremely gentle
  • Handle is comfortable and easy to grip
  • Manual pump, so the control is in your hands
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with
  • Quiet and discreet
  • Comes with a insulated travel bag, smaller bag for milk, and 2 cool packs to keep milk cool – That’s if you purchase the On-The-Go package (listed below)
The Bad
  • Suction may not be enough if you’re use to an electric breast pump
  • May loose suction and squeak after continued use – just like any product, it must be maintained, and you may need to purchase new parts.
  • Breast milk container leaks once detached from the pump

AVENT Manual Breast Pump On-The-Go @ Amazon for $37.29

AVENT Manual Breast Pump for $31.18

Customer Feedback:

great handy pump!, September 28, 2011

By Sarah J. Carlin “blinkclear” (Iowa)

Being a first time mom, everyone told me to buy an electric pump. However, I wanted something more portable to bring to work with me. I chose the AVENT Manual Breast Pump based on previous reviews of the product. I was afraid to try it at first, and doubted it’s abilities. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to assemble and work. I had no problems expressing milk with this pump and I felt no discomfort. The cover for the flute is very comfortable, but sometimes milk gets behind it and it makes a squeaking noise. I barely notice the noise anymore. I also like the bottle it came with. I bought an additional 4 pack of Avent bottles and use them to feed my daughter. It’s very nice to be able to express directly into the 4 oz bottle and then just snap on the nipple and feed her.

This review is from: Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump, BPA Free See Original


This Pump Really Sucks!, August 24, 2011

By LauraBeth

I ordered the AVENT Manual Breast pump and have been using it for about a week now and it works great! I am a first-time Mom and am trying to stock-pile some breast milk for when I go back to work. I was given a Medela electric pump but I wanted something a bit quieter and more portable. I have used this pump two or three times a day to express around four ounces each time.

Once everything is adjusted, the suction on the AVENT Manual Breast Pump is fantastic. It is important to read the directions that are included for tips. For example, if you don’t attach the little petal-cushion-thing correctly, you won’t get proper suction. I really like that the suction is adjustable (if it’s too strong for you, don’t press the handle quite as much). I saw in some other reviews the complaint that there were too many pieces and it was overly complicated to put together, but really you only need to completely disassemble it rarely. You can clean it thoroughly without taking it apart completely each time. Finally, I love that it comes with some replacement pieces for all of the most essential parts (not to mention the parts that look like I’d lose or break first!).

I would highly recommend the AVENT Manual Breast Pump, especially if you’re willing to take the two minutes to sit down and read the manual!

This review is from: Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump, BPA FreeSee Original

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Comparison Reviews:

AVENT Manual Breast Pump Vs. Medela Harmony


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